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Scotland has some of the toughest energy targets in the world to meet our climate-change targets. Scotland accounts for around 10% of the UK's gross electricity consumption. Scottish renewable electricity generation made up approximately 32% of total UK renewable generation in 2013.

In 2011, Scotland accounted for 60% of European Union oil production, and approximately a third of EU total hydrocarbon production.

The Environmental Science and Biology ‘codes’ underneath each link refer to the Higher and National 5 Resource guides produced by Education Scotland. These can be accessed in the ‘Resources’ section of (N.B. you will need a glow log in to access.)

The Geography ‘codes’ listed below will link to the SQA Unit Specifications.

Early & first level



  • Distance travelled by vehicles on all roads in Scotland, 1993–2010 - Which vehicles cause the most pollution in Scotland? This graph can be used as a discussion starter. Click on the diagram to view a larger version.
  • Renewable energy (PDF) - How much of our energy comes from renewable sources?
  • Main sources of energy in Scotland (PDF) - What are the main sources of energy in Scotland and what is their impact on the environment?
  • Hydroelectric map - Where does Scotland produce hydroelectricity? This maps shows all the hydro power locations in Scotland. Are there any near your school?
  • Windfarms in Scotland - Are there wind farms in your area? Use the map to find out where they can be found and if any are planned near you.
  • Energy - For teachers: Information about energy from Eco-schools UK.
  • Resources - For teachers: Resources about renewable energy from Practical Action.
  • Resources - For teachers: More resources from Low Carbon Partnership for teachers.
  • BBC Bitesize - Video - Short video about energy production on Islay.
  • Green school revolution (PDF) - For teachers: Activities from the Co-Operative based around fossil fuels.
    • Learning outcome: SCN 1-20a
    • Energy kids - For teachers: Resource for teachers about energy from USA Energy Information Agency.


Have a go

Second, third, fourth & senior level









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